Dr Sam Bloore

Senior Teaching Fellow and Residential Host




Sam BlooreSam Bloore has known (and often returns to visit) small town life, growing up in Dargaville prior to studying medicine and bioethics at Otago University. He worked as a doctor for 5 years in Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry and then began a gradual career change in 2002. Over the next few years he joined the staff of his local church and completed a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology.

Sam is interested in many aspects of faith and culture – in particular, how individuals establish and enhance a personal spirituality that is stable and sustaining, amidst a society that is increasingly frantic and fragmented. He and his wife Julia oversee the residential life of the internship and are committed to developing the conversations and community practices that provide opportunities for growth and formation. Their three young children, Eden, Benjamin, and Sophia, take up most of their spare time!