Rev. Dr. Murray Rae

Rev. Dr. Murray Rae is one of New Zealand’s leading theologians and an ordained Presbyterian Minister, known for his theological and pastoral insight and wisdom on contemporary issues. Murray began his working career as an architect in private practice before studying philosophy and theology in New Zealand, Germany, and the UK. His varied research interests include the work of Søren Kierkegaard, theological ethics, theology and architecture, the theological interpretation of Scripture, and Māori Engagements with Christianity. His book Architecture and Theology: The Art of Place won the Ashton Wylie Book Award in 2018 and he has written a number of other published works, including his concise exploration of the Christian theological tradition Christian Theology: The Basics.
Murray has served on the board of Venn Foundation since 2018. His support of Venn stems from his interest in helping people to think about the implications of Christian faith across all areas of human life. Murray lives in Dunedin with his wife Jane and they have three adult sons.