Juanita Madden

Juanita Madden has spent a lifetime exploring the arts and hospitality. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from The University of Auckland in 2009, before moving on to complete a Master’s Degree in Choreography in 2010.

Juanita has choreographed works across Australasia, including the Perth and Adelaide Fringe Festivals and the Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland. Alongside these ventures, Juanita has also worked in a range of business contexts like Auckland Council, Hewlett Packard, and First Foundation. Prior to her arrival at Venn, Juanita was the Creative Director at Greenlane Christian Centre (now GraceCity), seeing the church through a season of creative renewal.

Juanita is particularly interested in creative direction and event curation. She was the Events Coordinator at Venn, a role that included hosting the Vocational Programme and other events, incorporating beautiful spaces and delicious food to ensure guests feel seen, welcomed, and valued. Juanita is married to Kieran and they have a daughter, Audrey, and a son, Kit. They live in Auckland.

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