Jannah Dennison

Jannah Dennison grew up in Wellington, with occasional Canadian stints. She studied Music and English Literature to post-graduate level at both Victoria and Otago Universities, and completed a Masters thesis on the music of the Taize community in France, where she and her husband John had the privilege to spend two weeks—an ongoing formative experience.

Work as a music teacher and musician in Dunedin was followed by travel in Asia, and then a long period spent primarily as a full-time Mum, including three years in St Andrews, Scotland. After several years working with children and families at Lifepoint Church, Jannah is currently working as a freelance writer, volunteering in a range of church and community work, and enjoying some reading, cycling, and cello playing. She lives with her husband, John Dennison, and their three teenage boys in Tawa, Wellington.

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