Images of Jesus for Today | Wellington

As human beings, we hunger and thirst for real life. And we go looking for life in all kinds of places. The life we seek, and the life we need, is found in Jesus: “Jesus gives us life because he gives us God”. But who is Jesus for me today, and how is he God’s gift to us?

In this new teaching series, we take up four key images of Jesus from the gospels: Jesus our light, our bread, our true vine, and our good shepherd. These may be overly familiar images; but they’re actually life-changing and profound. They help us to reflect not just on who Jesus is, but also on what real life looks like. These statements challenge us to seek genuine life and to turn our backs on false alternatives.

Join us across four evenings, April through July, as we share a meal together, take time to consider these images, open scripture and let these words of Jesus shape our lives.

Jesus our Bread | 18 April
Jesus our Light | 30 May
Jesus our True Vine | 27 June
Jesus our Good Shepherd | 25 July

Next Up: Jesus our Good Shepherd | 25 July

Throughout Scripture, there is a shepherd song. Its notes carry care and comfort, guidance and protection, and the promise of life in all of its fullness. The shepherd desires to give his sheep abundant provision, so that they may know the goodness and delight of the one who leads them beside quiet waters and to green pasture.

Jesus takes this song upon his lips to speak of his identity and mission: “I am the good shepherd.” Those who know his voice, who hear and follow the shepherd, will know the life he gives: life that is truly life. Mysteriously, this life that Jesus offers comes through his own self-giving: “The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

What might this mean for our lives? How might we take hold of what Jesus offers in this image?  is his invitation to you and to me? In this fourth and final session in our Teaching Series Images of Jesus for Today, Donald Goodhall will lead us as we ponder—and respond to—Jesus our Good Shepherd.

When: Tuesday, 25 July, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Where: All Saints Hataitai, 90 Hamilton Road, Wellington
Cost: $16 per person (includes all teaching, materials, and meals.)