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Prayer Retreat: Living and Working from a Place of Rest

13-14 October, 2023

(Note: this Prayer Retreat has replaced The Lord’s Prayer Short Course previously advertised)

Prayer is a central part of our life with God. But for many prayer has become an irrelevancy, a religious habit that is unconnected with the hum and rush of everyday life; or, it is a chore—we think of it as one more thing that God asks of us, along with everything else! And so, we go through the motions of praying, all the while feeling resentful, or secretly ashamed.

But this need not be. Followers of Jesus are called to learn to pray: to learn to abide with God. In our friendship with Jesus, prayer becomes a wellspring of God’s life in us and through us. As we abide in prayer, we find that our everyday lives wake up to God’s presence, love, and initiative. Instead of resting simply to recover from work, we find ourselves living and working from a place of rest in God.

This two-day non-residential retreat is for those who want to learn to pray and deepen their prayer life. Across the retreat, participants will explore these questions:

i.  What does it mean for me to abide in God’s presence?

ii.  How might I live and work from a place of spiritual rest?

It includes both teaching about prayer, and opportunities to practice different ways of praying whilst reflecting on these together.

13-14 October, 2023
Friday, 9:30am–4:00pm
Saturday, 9:00am–4:00pm

Sisters of Compassion
2 Rhine Street, Island Bay, Wellington

$145 per person, covering all teaching, materials, and hospitality.
Meals include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on each day.