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Learning to Pray with Jesus: The Fullness of the Lord’s Prayer for the Whole of Life

13-14 October, 2023

Many of us struggle to pray regularly and with confidence in our everyday lives. Often this is because we don’t know how to pray when we encounter the diverse challenges, obstacles, and opportunities at home, work, community, and church. We are not alone in this struggle! One of Jesus’s own disciples asked him: “Lord, teach us how to pray.” In response, Jesus gave his disciples what is known as the Lord’s Prayer: a powerful pattern of prayer that God’s people have used throughout the ages to pray to our loving Heavenly Father.

In this Venn Short Course, Learning to Pray with Jesus: The Fullness of the Lord’s Prayer for the Whole of Life, you will have the opportunity to explore this pattern of prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples. Together we will consider what it looks like to worship God in every aspect of life, to seek the reign of God for the good of our communities, to ask for God’s daily provision, to practice forgiveness, and to resist evil. In this thoughtful and practical two-day Short Course, you will experience teaching, worship and prayer, reflective exercises, and rich discussion, that will help you grow in prayer and in your relationship with God.

13-14 October, 2023
Friday, 9:30am–8:00pm
Saturday, 9:00am–3:30pm

Sisters of Compassion
2 Rhine Street, Island Bay, Wellington

$195 per person, covering all teaching, materials, and hospitality.
Meals include Friday lunch and dinner, and Saturday breakfast and lunch.