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God’s Purposes for Business

A two-day short course with Nathan McLellan
Thursday 13 June, 9am-5pm
Friday 14 June, 9am-5pm

Ambian Studios, 8B Monmouth Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

$495 (includes lunch, morning & afternoon tea, and all materials)

Too often in the Christian Church the world of business is viewed with suspicion or even contempt. Entrepreneurs and business leaders feel this keenly, and often wonder whether their sole contribution is to generate profits and give a proportion of these to various “gospel” initiatives. But if the life of Jesus Christ and his lordship changes everything, this can’t possibly be true. Business leaders and entrepreneurs are called to make a fuller contribution within God’s purposes for this good world.

In this short course, led and facilitated by Nathan McLellan, you will explore God’s purpose for business: what it is, why it matters, and how to make it your own.  Topics covered will include God’s purpose for business and how it relates to the wider human vocation, the relationship of business to other institutions (like family and government), developing a redemptive strategy for your own business, and harnessing various tools and approaches to ensure your business is contributing to God’s work in the world. This short course will involve teaching, facilitated workshops and exercises, and peer learning and discussion.

This course is for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to deepen their understanding of their role within God’s purposes, and to further unlock their potential for contributing to God’s work in the world.

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About Nathan McLellan

Nathan is CEO and also a Senior Teaching Fellow at Venn Foundation. After studying economics and finance, he worked as an economist at the New Zealand Treasury and as a private consultant, before going overseas for theological study (including a Ph.D., in theological ethics). Nathan has an interest in Christian discipleship, community formation, leadership, and the relationship between economic life and the Christian faith. He is passionate about helping others develop a sound and deep understanding of the Christian faith and the way it relates to all aspects of life. He is also an ordained Anglican minister and holds several advisory and governance roles in the commercial and not-for-profit sector.